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    My name is Eunice Chege, the founder of Missions for Mercy ministries, (M4M) that include M4M Kidney care, M4M Financial Empowerment, Education, and M4M Prayer and prophetic ministry.

    The Founder

    Here's a synopsis on Missions For Mercy Foundation.

    Why Kidney Care you may ask?

    This is a huge problem that is affecting more than 4 Million Kenyans according to the latest data from the Ministry of Health Kenya. My personal reason has everything to do with this crisis. Kidney disease has caused me so much pain by robbing me of my father, my mother and my only brother within a short time of each other. I recently buried my mother on January 17th, 2019. She battled with Kidney disease for over 3 years. The first sign that she was very ill was when she went into a coma in 2016. This became an expensive life sentence both emotionally and financially. Our first bill was approximately Ksh. 1.2 million ($12000) insurance not included to cover the hospital bills and care as well as ongoing treatment, opportunistic infections, care and transportation to and from the hospital another Ksh. 1.5 Million to Ksh. 2.00 Million Approximately ($15,000 to $20,000) every year. My mom who was 86 years old was still undergoing dialysis every week till she died since kidney transplant was not an option for her.

    Today it is estimated that in every 10 people, one is suffering from chronic kidney disease in Kenya, and about 4 million people are affected by this epidemic. It gets worse, it has been estimated that by 2030, over 4.8 million Kenyans will be suffering from kidney disease. Due to the limited access to resources and high medical costs in Kenya, about 10,000 kidney disease patients go to seek medical care abroad annually. As a matter of fact, Kenya Renal Association called for attention to treat chronic kidney disease in Kenya as a GLOBAL HEALTH ISSUE.

    The Mission for Mercy Foundation wants to create awareness and sensitize the communities on how to prevent this disease so that they will not lose their loved ones as I did lose my family to this terrible disease. We want to see families healthy. In 10 years from now, almost every one of us in Kenya will be affected. If you are a family of 4, two parents and one sibling, statistics show that one of you will be sick in 2030. You will be directly affected. If you are 8, at least two of you will be sick. We are here to prevent that.

    M4M has taken the role of changing the catastrophic trajectory of this disease. With extremely limited access to dialysis centers in Kenya, M4M is looking to partner with other organization and individuals who can help bring these services to people who often travel long distances to access medical facilities. In many cases, the patients are not able to keep up with high visiting demand due to lack of transportation of which they end up dying in their homes. Many families affected by this disease are suffering from severe financial and emotional drain. Over 42% of the total population of 44 million people in Kenya live below poverty line rendering it almost impossible for them to afford any form of medical care.

    Using mobile clinics, a team of professional medical care providers as partners, as well as the support of M4M, we would be able to help many patients that are stuck in hopeless situations in their villages. We are looking to restore hope in the lives of these people giving them a chance to live longer, literally handing them their lives back, healthy and free of pain.

    Supporting M4M is not just supporting a nonprofit org, it is giving people longer and healthy lives, creating opportunity, helping someone realize their dream and appreciating humanity. Your $1, $20, $50 $500 will help save someone's life.

    By donating your time and money to M4M, you are giving people their lives back. It's giving the sick a chance to experience life like you and I. It's giving them the chance to be free and be the person they were created to be.

    Know this chart

    Stages GFR (ml/min/1.73 m 2 ) Kidney Health
    1 ≥90 kidneys function normally, but the first signs of kidney disease appear
    2 60-89 kidney function is slightly reduced
    3A/3B 45-59 (3A) and 30-44(3B) kidney function is noticeably reduced
    4 15 - 29 kidney function is extremely reduced
    5 <15 ESRD, which is also known as established renal failure


Address: 12178 Bataan St. NE
Blaine, MN 55449
Phone: +1 (651)428-6095
Email: info@missionsformercy.org


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