• CKD Treatment

    If you have ESRD/CKD, you will need Dialysis or Kidney Transplant to survive. There are different kinds of dialysis and with your doctor, you can choose one that fits you best.

    It is good to note that dialysis does not do everything healthy kidneys can do, you can be on dialysis and experience some complications. But it is far much beneficial as it can significantly prolong your life. You can also choose medical management which would help you live comfortably until your body can no longer function.


    This is a process where excess water, solutes and toxins are removed from the blood of the people whose kidneys can no-longer performs these functions naturally. A machine is used to clean your blood.

    Kidney Transplant

    This is a surgery process performed where a healthy kidney from another person body is put to replace the dysfunctional kidney in the body of a kidney disease patient.

    Medical Management

    This is a way where treatment is administered to treat the symptoms of kidney failure to help the patient live comfortably until your body can no longer function. This is not treatment for Kidney disease and it will not prolong your life.

    NHIF Involvement

    For all above treatments, NHIF helps cover medical bills if the patient is enrolled. To Apply now, click here Enroll for NHIF. For further information about NHIF benefits to CKD patients, check on the next page.


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