• Missions for Mercy Ministries International is built on 3 pillars.

    Pillars of Health and Wellness – M4M KidneyCare
    Pillars of Prayer and Prophetic Teaching
    Pillars of Financial Education and Empowerment

    My Story

    My name is Eunice Chege, the founder of Missions for Mercy ministries, (M4M) that include M4M Kidney care, M4M Financial Empowerment, Education, and M4M Prayer and prophetic ministry.

    Here's a synopsis on Missions For Mercy Foundation.

    Why Kidney Care you may ask?

    This is a huge problem that is affecting more than 4 Million Kenyans according to the latest data from the Ministry of Health Kenya. My personal reason has everything to do with this crisis. Kidney disease has caused me so much pain by robbing me of my father, my mother and my only brother within a short time of each other. I recently buried my mother on January 17th, 2019. She battled with Kidney disease for over 3 years. The first sign that she was very ill was when she went into a coma in 2016. This became an expensive life sentence both emotionally and financially. Our first bill was approximately Ksh. 1.2 million ($12000) insurance not included to cover the hospital bills and care as well as ongoing treatment, opportunistic infections, care and transportation to and from the hospital another Ksh. 1.5 Million to Ksh. 2.00 Million Approximately ($15,000 to $20,000) every year. My mom who was 86 years old was still undergoing dialysis every week till she died since kidney transplant was not an option for her Read more »


    • To alleviate pain, poverty and hopelessness

    Kidney Disease in Kenya

    Kidney Disease is among the top killer diseases in Kenya.

    According to Kenya Renal Association (KRA) chairman Prof. Seth Mc'Ligeyo, about 4 million Kenyans are suffering from Kidney Disease as of 2017 and the numbers are going up. Of this number, only about 10 per cent can afford dialysis services. "I can confidently tell you we currently have less than 10,000 patients on dialysis" He added.

    One dialysis session costs about Sh9,500 (About $100) and only a fraction of the 4 million can afford that due to already existing financial constrains locals are suffering from.

    Between 4.9 million and 9.7 million more still need treatment with at least two million people dying because they cannot access or afford it." Business Daily Read more »

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    Core Values

    • Dedication to Integrity: M4M was founded under strong biblical principles and is committed to performing only honorable initiatives that are ran in an honest, transparent and ethical way. "The Integrity of the upright guides them" Proverbs 11:3
    • Empowerment: Knowledge is power, through our empowerment programs, we enlighten the communities not only with earthly knowledge but spiritual enlightenment as well. We believe in providing wholesome solutions that not only address physical needs but also emotional and spiritual needs that are equally as important.
    • Commitment to Serve: We are committed to dedicate our time and resources into serving in the communities, engaging them in various ways so as to improve their health, finances and spiritual well-being. Seeing the destruction Kidney Disease has and is causing in Kenya, we have committed ourselves to help in all ways curb this epidemic so and preserve the lives of God's children Read more »



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